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Duotone balls are essentially Ben Wa Balls with an added vibrating feature.  If you are already familiar with Ben Wa Balls, then you will enjoy using Duotone Balls as well.  Duotone Balls are made from plastic, silicone, or a jelly type rubber.  The silicon balls are soft and coat a metal ball underneath and are sometimes marketed as real skin balls. Unlike Ben Wa Balls, the balls are connected together by a nylon cord.  A set of Duotone Balls are usually a pair of balls but can be a strand of up to four connected balls.  The sizes are usually about 1 1/2 inches in diameter.  Other common names for Duotone Balls are orgasm balls, rocker balls, love balls, and pleasure balls.

The vibrating feature of Duotone Balls are achieved in a couple different ways.  The most simplest form is having a small metal weight inside the hollow ball.  As your body moves, or as you tug on the cord, the weight inside the ball rolls around creating the sensation.  The other method is electric with the use of batteries.  The cord is attached to a controller that lets you control the vibration mode.  These are sometimes referred to as Vibra Balls or Vibration Balls.

To use Duotone Balls, you just insert them into the vagina and go on with your daily tasks.  It is even possible to keep them in during sex which creates a unique experience.  You can be creative.  One user told of using them while on crutches and the swinging motion on the crutches was great for her.  However, it is not recommended to use Duotone Balls in the anus as they can get pushed in too far.

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